Conifer Aphids


When spring is around the corner so are the Conifer Aphids (Cinara cupressivora)!

As the final frosts of the winter end and the weather begins to warn up it is a good time to inspect your hedges for Conifer Aphids, also known as Cypress Aphids. Hedges provide vital screening and are important features in your gardens. Conifers provide one of the most effective forms of screening with excellent attributes as they are fast growing and evergreen. They are however susceptible to several problems. One of the most significant is a little known pest called Conifer Aphids (Cinara cupressivora). Aphids suck the sap from the green foliage causing unsightly brown dead patches which if left untreated can destroy whole hedges.

Conifer Aphids Cinara cupressivora TreeAbility

Browning of conifer hedges can be caused by other factors such as road salt damage, excessive shading, cankers, root diseases or overzealous pruning. If you’re worried about your hedges it’s important to have them looked at by a professional who understands the problems and can diagnose the correct cause of the browning. At TreeAbility we have extensive experience with all of these issues and are happy to provide free advice and if your hedge requires it, expert treatment of the problem.

Treating the Aphids involves a topical, targeted spray of a Pesticide Safety Directorate (PSD) approved insecticide. TreeAbility have an environmental policy which causes us to be very cautious about the over use of pesticides. The treatments we offer are targeted very specifically at the pest in question so as to avoid any impact on other beneficial insects. Please see our Tree Health and Diseases section for more information on the specialist pest and disease diagnosis and treatments we offer. TreeeAbility owner and director Nick Winram is fully certified with NPTC PA1 & 6 and holds all the necessary qualifications to prescribe and apply the treatments we offer.