Why choose TreeAbility?

Quality – TreeAbility perform tree surgery and hedging to the highest standards. We are actively interested in the care and preservation of trees and are used to working in technical and complex sites or situations.

Qualifications – All our tree surgeons are qualified and trained to the exacting standards set by industry guidelines and best practice.  TreeAbility use the latest climbing and rigging techniques to ensure the best job gets done in the safest manner.

Insurance – We are fully insured including £10 million employers liability and £5 million public liability.

Health and safety – We adhere to the myriad of health and safety legislation which exists in our industry. TreeAbility keep up to date with the latest developments and changes to legislation and best practice. We carry out a risk assessment at all sites before commencing work. TreeAbility have an excellent safety record with no statutory reportable accidents to date. 


Do we need to worry about nesting birds?

Nesting birds are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. When quoting tree surgery for your trees and hedges we are able to advise you on this. At certain times of year we may avoid tree pruning and hedge trimming if we suspect birds are nesting. We will advise on the best time of year for tree works to be undertaken.


What is the best time of year to prune trees?

Most trees can be pruned at any time of year. However, certain species are more sensitive to pruning than others. For example Ornamental Cherries are susceptible to bacterial canker and should have tree surgery performed on them in summer. At which time they exude gum which helps seal pruning wounds and prevent disease entering the vascular system of the tree.
Fruit trees such as apples or pears should have structural pruning carried out in winter and only very light secateur pruning in summer. Other trees need pruning after flowering such as magnolias. Our trained staff can advise you on the needs of your trees on a site by site basis. 


Do I need permission to prune or fell my trees?

Some trees are protected by law. This is either in the form of a tree preservation order (TPO) on a specific tree or group of trees or you may live in a Conservation area. When providing a quote for tree work or hedging we will check with your local authority to ascertain if your trees are protected.

Can you apply to the council for me?

If your trees are protected, TreeAbility can submit the application to the council for you. Or if you prefer you can contact the council yourself. Please see our ‘Permissions’ tab at the top of the page for more information on TPOs and Conservation areas. This includes links to your local council tree information pages.

How long will council permission take to come through?

Permission to carry out tree work on a TPO tree takes 8 weeks to be approved.
Tree surgery in a conservation area requires a 6 week wait from the time of application.

What if my tree is protected but is in a dangerous condition?

On surveying your tree, if we deem it unsafe,  TreeAbility can issue a ‘5 day notice’ to the local council. This allows us to remove the tree or dangerous limbs after 5 days. 


 What if there is a power line or telephone wire in the way?

TreeAbility are expert tree surgeons. We are used to working with both power and phone lines. Should power lines be running through your trees we can apply to the electricity board to have a temporary power shut down while we carry out your tree work or hedge cutting. This shutdown will be timed to provide the least disruption to you and your neighbours. Generally between 9.30am and 3pm. We normally work around phone lines using rigging and lowering systems to protect the line from damage wherever necessary.


How long is a quote valid for?

Our quotes are valid for 6 months. 


What happens to the debris?

As a matter of course TreeAbility always remove all our arisings from your garden. Sometimes customers may want to keep woodchip or logs. These requirements can be discussed when we visit to provide you with a quotation for your tree work.
All our debris is then recycled. Woodchip is our main arising and is burned by power stations. Logs are also either split and burned in domestic fires or used to power a local biomass boiler.


What if the tree overhangs neighbours?

If we are pruning a tree overhanging your neighbours we attempt to minimise the amount of debris that falls in their premises. We would ask that you notify them in advance that tree pruning is to be carried out and to enable access if required to retrieve branches. We will remove all debris from your neighbour’s leaving it as neat and tidy as we leave your garden (which is very tidy!).