Giant Redwood

Plesae use the Facebook icon above to see our most up to date photos, here’s some pictures of the widest tree we’ve ever cut down, 9 feet at the base!

The largest European Giant Redwoods can be found in the British Isles, in southern France and northern Italy. The giant sequoia was first brought into cultivation in 1853 by Scotsman John D. Matthew, who collected a small quantity of seed in Calaveras Grove, arriving with it in Scotland in August 1853. A much larger shipment of seed collected (also in the Calaveras Grove) by William Lobb, acting for the Veitch Nursery at Budlake near Exeter, arrived in England in December 1853; seed from this batch was widely distributed throughout Europe.

Growth in Great Britain is very fast, with the tallest tree, at Benmore Botanic Garden in southwest Scotland, reaching 54 m (177 ft) at age 150 years with several others from 50-53 m tall.  The tallest giant redwood of England can be found in the New Forest near Southampton.

Not only the tallest, but also the stoutest European redwoods are found in Great Britain. One giant sequoia in the Scottish county Perth & Kinross had reached a girth of 11.15 m (37.6 ft) in 2003, another one in Cluny House Gardens (in Aberfeldy, Perth & Kinross) had a girth of 10.93 m in the same year. The third place is taken by a giant sequoia with a girth of 10.6 m in Llangattock (Crickhowell) in Wales. In 2009 its girth had already reached 10.67 m (35 ft)



Nick Winram of TreeAbility felling a Giant Redwood trunk 15 feet high, 9 feet diameter at the base where the final cuts were made.  Husqvarna 395 with 36″ bar.
The tree had been hit by lightning several years ago and was left about 15′ high.