TreeAbility and the iconic Otford Pond roundabout

TreeAbility made the press last month with some pruning work for Otford Parish Council.  The iconic duck pond in the middle of the Otford pond roundabout by the village green in Otford has two landmark Weeping Willow trees bordering it.  Due to decay in one of the very large trees, its days are numbered, so a replacement has been planted.

Unfortunately due to the shadow cast by the existing tree the new specimen is being supressed and growing wonky!  We were contacted by the council about the problem and specified some crown reduction on one side of the tree to allow space for the young willow to grow.

The tree has a TPO (tree preservation order) on it, so we applied to Sevenoaks Borough Council and were granted permission to do the works.

On the day of the work the Sevenoaks Chronicle sent Doug Kempster to Otford pond to cover the story.  He took some great pictures of the team in action and the resulting story has brought us lots of comments from our customers and even attracted a few new ones!

The young willow tree now has space to grow and the Parish council were really pleased with the results.  The team that day at Otford Pond was Nick Winram, Louise Curry and Adam Kaye

Article about TreeAbility and the Otford Pond.  Pruning the willow tree for Otford Parish Council

Sevenoaks Chronicle article TreeAbility and the Otford Pond Willow