Tree Health and Diseases

TreeAbility specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of tree and hedge diseases. As more diseases invade from around the world preserving our trees and hedges is becoming increasingly important. TreeAbility have expert knowledge of tree pests and diseases. We can diagnose problems and advise on the health of your trees. Some of the major treatments we offer are: Conifer Aphids (Cinara cupressivora)These aphids suck the sap from the green foliage of your conifer hedges causing unsightly brown patches. The patches slowly spread as the conifer … [Read more...]

Consultancy and tree surveys

Tree owners have a duty of care to ensure that their trees do not pose an undue risk to members of the public. Trees are also required to be surveyed when applying for planning permission for building work. TreeAbility owner and director Nick Winram is highly qualified in Arboriculture and has 10+ years in the industry. We offer a range of consultancy and tree surveys including: Individual visual tree condition assessments (VTA) with a written report. Detailed consultancy and tree surveys for building work in line with BS 5837. This … [Read more...]

Veteran tree management

A veteran tree is a highly valued tree due to its age, size or condition. These characteristics give it a huge conservation value. Such trees need to be managed and protected using techniques totally different to those used for general tree work. Veteran tree management priorities are different. The emphasis is on creating habitat within the tree, retaining safe deadwood as habitat and preserving the tree for as long as possible. TreeAbility have extensive experience of veteran tree management. This is done using techniques such as natural … [Read more...]

Stump removal grinding or treatment

Treeability can remove all types of stumps either as part of the felling process or pre-existing stumps that are now in the way! Stump removal can be either manual or with a mechanised stump grinder. It may be carried out on a different day to the actual tree felling. Alternatively the stump can be left in place and a non-toxic treatment can be applied to the stump to prevent it re-growing.     … [Read more...]

Cable bracing

Mature specimen trees can add value to your property. Sometimes it is beneficial to retain a tree which has a structural defect. In which case cable bracing and rods can sometimes be used to support limbs, stems of a tree, included forks or other structural problem. TreeAbility has many years of experience at installing both metal cable braces and non-invasive systems such as Boa. If deemed necessary, we can advise on the most appropriate system to use based on our appraisal of the tree and the species properties of the wood involved. Other … [Read more...]