TreeAbility Hedging before and after

For many tree surgeons hedging is an afterthought or necessary evil. We love hedging, the bigger the better! We realise the importance of hedging as a screen for privacy and noise reduction and take pride in producing great looking hedges. We are experts at hedge cutting be it small formal box hedging or large scale Leylandii tree screens. TreeAbility can assess your hedges and as a general rule we will use ladders or climb them. However if safety or the sheer size of the hedge dictates we may specify the use of a cherry picker platform (MEWP).
Your hedges may only need a light haircut or hedge trim or they may require substantial height reduction as well. We are happy to advise you based on the individual needs of you and your garden.
We also specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases that affect hedges such as conifer aphids. Conifer Aphids cause unsightly brown dead patches and can kill whole hedges if left untreated. Please see our Tree Health and Diseases section.