Tree Pruning and Felling

TreeAbility Tree Pruning

Tree felling and tree removal
We do not condone the widespread felling of trees but it is unfortunately one of the essential services we offer.  Trees become diseased or die, suffer structural damage or simply outgrow the space they occupy. Either straight felling or sectionally dismantling a tree using ropes and rigging to protect features below, TreeAbility are expert tree surgeons well used to removing trees in the most challenging of spaces!  We try and encourage the replanting of replacement trees and when removing TPO trees always suggest replacements.  These are based on site and soil type and can be tailored for different characteristics.  For example autumn colour, small gardens, winter interest etc.  TreeAbility replant using large ‘Advanced Nursery Stock’ trees which have been sourced responsibly and are guaranteed pest and disease free.

Crown reduction
Trees often outgrow the space they occupy. Crown reduction is the reduction of the whole of a tree canopy to make the tree smaller.

Crown lifting
Crown lifting is tree pruning by the selective removal of lower branches to create more light and clearance below the tree. This is typically done to facilitate mowing or over roads and paths and to allow more light beneath a tree.

This type of tree pruning is the removal of major deadwood from a tree that may pose a safety risk to people or property below.

Formative Pruning
Formative tree pruning is often undervalued and ignored at planting and for young saplings but it is incredibly important for the future good structure of a tree. It may involve the removal of a co-dominant stem or the subordination of branches to promote a good structure as the tree matures. It may be the difference between felling or retaining a tree in later years.

Crown Thinning
Thinning is the selective removal of branches to allow more light through the canopy.  This form of tree pruning tidies up the appearance of a dense crown and allows more light and air through the canopy.  The tree remains the same size but is less dense.  To reduce the windsail effect of a tree you must use crown reduction